Är du musiker? Producent av BB-DVD behöver hjälp

Mocvideo (företaget bakom alla Battle for the Olympia-filmerna och de klassiska Ronnie Coleman-rullarna bland annat) söker hjälp inom musikens område för IFBB-proffset David Henrys kommande DVD:

Music needed for the new David Henry ”Beyond Motivated” dvd!

Hello Mocvideo fans! We are almost done with the new David Henry DVD and we are looking for some music to add to the dvd. With copyright laws and huge fees for commercial music, we are limited with what we can use within the dvd’s we create.

Mocvideo has a huge fanbase and what better place to tap into than that! I am sure there are some great musicians out there that are reading this right now, or you happen to know a musician or band that produces some great music!

This is a great way to get exposure and CREDITED on the dvd and within the dvd. David likes more of a heavy sound, and requested that as our background and transitional music. So who is up for it??? Pull out your keyboards and computer mixing programs and get to mixing!

Here is a quick list of the type of sound we are looking for:

  • Disturbed
  • Linkin Park
  • Slipknot
  • Godsmack
  • Staind

Keep in mind: there does NOT have to be vocals in it. Actually, we prefer just an instrumental arrangement. Heavy guitars, pounding drums, just an all around hard and flowing feel.

Please reply to this email with an .mp3 attached with a sample of your music, 30 or 60 seconds long. Looping ability is a plus.

Thanks! Standard email contact is : bruce@mocvideo.com or lee@mocvideo.com