I don’t have a diet. I have food choices!

Here is a little bit of what goes down daily in the Andersson's Kitchen! I don't like to say I'm consistently on a diet but rather say I make my own food choices… The pictures below is what I eat on a daily basis. Always chicken with veggies during the week, my oats/banana bread and my tuna cakes… Guys? It's not that difficult. Just use your imagination. Use creativity. These meals I make are all healthy, packed with protein, healthy carbs and low calories too!!!


Our daily mini buffet of healthy choices!

My husbands weekly meal. He calls it "banana bread." We love eating it with Kesella! Consists only of oats, bananas and eggs and then baked…

My all time favorite! Grilled chicken, grilled asparagus and roasted potatoes. This entire dish is 2 meals for me…

Another of my husbands FAVORITE!!! Tuna cakes.They're great for on the go. They are packed with protein like you have no idea! And kidney beans for the most nutritious carbs!