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    [] har alltid den senaste informationen och nyheterna om kvinnlig fitness, figure och bodybuilding. Här är ett nyligt inlägg från [ deras blogg]:

    Congratulations to Amanda Latona on her fourth pro victory. Amanda had taken a few months away from the competitive stage but she picked up right where she left off. She beat out a competitive line up on Saturday to notch her 4th win as an IFBB Pro. She’ll look for win number five in a couple weeks at the Sacramento Pro.

    [img=]Abbie Burrows finished in second and has proven she’s a top contender in the bikini division. Tiffany Boydston may have been the surprise to a few by finishing in third. She came close earlier in the year with a fifth place finish at the Tijuana Pro but locked in an Olympia qualification here. This was an especially special moment for her not only qualifying for the Olympia but it was also her birthday (hence the cake shown above).

    [ Läs hela inlägget i orginalformat här…]


    Nyhet från [ IFBB:s proffsdivision]:

    [img=]Brittany Tacy (USA – 4th), Abigail Burrows (USA – 2nd),Amanda Latona (USA – 1st),
    Tiffany Marie Boydston (USA – 3rd), Narmin Assria (USA – 5th)
    Photograph by Ron Avidan[img=]

    [ Se inlägget hos].


    Ruth Silverman täcker dambodybuilding, fitness och figure åt amerikanska [ Iron Man Magazine]. Följande postades nyss på [ hennes blogg hos Iron Man Magazine]:

    [ [img=]]Photo: Titans top five (from left): Brittany Tacy, Abigail Burrows, Amanda Latona, Tiffany Marie Boydston and Narmin Assria.

    Amanda Latona dropped back into competition at the New Titans Grand Prix Pro Bikini on October 22 in Culver City, California—after taking the ’11 Olympia off to work with the production—and picked up where she left off, in the winner’s circle. Last seen in March on the very same stage taking first at the Muscle Contest Pro, she showed up at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium with her sass and conditioning intact, if not refreshed, and earned a unanimous victory over the 17-woman lineup.

    Abigail Burrows, who won the Tijuana Pro in September, a couple of weeks before the Olympia, earned the runner-up spot, also unanimously, while the third Olympia qualification up for grabs went to class-of-2011 pro Tiffany Marie Boydston. Yes, the top three got Olympia qualifications (more on that below).

    It was a third-time’s-the-charm performance for Boydston, who earned her pro card at the Junior Nationals in June and got her feet wet in pro competition in the late-season Phoenix and Tijuana shows. The Titans lineup did feature a number of debuts, including ’11 USA class winners Narmin Assria and Brittany Tacy and overall champ Talia Terese, who finished fourth, fifth and sixth, respectively. Would I have had them in that order? Ask me after a couple of glasses of zinfandel. Any way you score it, though, it’s a testament to the bikini talent pool that came out of the USA this year.

    Re Olympia qualifications—in case you’re confused: I [ wrote recently] about the more stringent Olympia qualification rules for the 2012 season and beyond; however, I may have forgotten to mention that the remaining shows taking place in 2011, which were on the schedule before the new rules passed, were not affected. Hence the top three earned qualifications for the ’12 Olympia at this show and at the various competitions in men’s bodybuilding, fitness, figure and bikini that have taken place in the five weeks since the 2011 O.

    Re reference in the title above to ”swordplay”: Is it me or are the big-sword trophies that So Cal überpromoter Jon Lindsay gives to the pro winners and overall champs at his many contests getting bigger? I notice they now come sheathed as well, which is probably a good idea, considering.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love the swords, which Jon has been giving for years, starting with his long-running NPC Excalibur Championships (which closes the 2011 season here in Cali on December 3) back in the day. They’re different, they look good behind some chatchkies on a bookshelf, and they make for wonderful photo-ops. I just couldn’t help noticing the change…[/B]

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