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    Hey guys. I am from Denmark, and I am 17 years old. I would love to move to Sweden, I feel like I have had enough of Denmark for now I am right now doing my first year (1.G) of gymnasium, which is just a regular gymnasium (bio, math and phys ed). I want to move to Sweden to summer, after which I can get SU (student-money from the state each month), thinking about Göteborg, and begin a gymnasium up for my second and third year (2.G and 3.G). But I don’t know what I have to search for to find that. I thought you guys could help another bodybuilder out. :) What’s some good gymnasiums, I could attend? I tried googling it, but it is pretty hard when you have never read any swedish before :( Is Göteborg the best city in Sweden, even for a student? How is the prices in Sweden, is it cheap? And do you know any place where I can search online for a cheap apartment near the school?


    Hi there!
    I´m a medical student at university of Gothenburg and I´ve lived here for almost four years and I think that Gothenburg is a fantastic city (also for students). So I could recommend you to live here. Here are many upper secondary schools, but I believe that Hvittfeldtska is one of the best and it´s right in the very centre of Gothenburg.
    You should put yourself on a housing queue for an apartment, for example [www.boplats.se]. Unfortunately, it can be a long wait if you want an apartment in the centre. So a place to live just outside would be best in the beginning.
    Best of luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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