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    Gary Phillips fotade för Bodybuilding.coms räkning, finalbilderna: []
    Bilder från förbedömningen: []

    Gänget bakom [ gruppbloggar om proffs- och amatörtävlingar]. Här är ett nypostat inlägg:

    By: Craig Lucas

    After having our eardrums broken by the fireworks, Tony Doherty introduced the competitors to the crowd and we were soon ready for their routines. There was a very good vibe in the venue with everyone eager to see the local Aussie’s take on the likes of Green, Freeman and Samuel.


    Con posed to a classic Aussie song – Back in Black by AC-DC. He got a good response from the locals and was sort of the forgotten Aussie tonight with two new Aussie Pros making their debuts. Con looked a lot more relaxed than last year but still needs to work on his stage presence and condition. Con’s one of the nice guys in Aussie bodybuilding and all of Australia wishes him luck as he lives his dream.


    Toney had on a flashy pair of banana yellow trunks and posed to an up-beat funky song. He got the hips swinging and gave the crowd what they paid for – entertainment! With his beautifully balanced physique he is able to pull off any pose in the book and even threw in the old ”belly-roll” pose. He received a great response from the appreciative crowd. He looked fantastic for a 40+ competitor.


    I was really looking forward to seeing Rusty’s routine and he didn’t let me down. He opened up with a Frank Zane vacuum pose followed up by his classic Archer pose. He posed to A Space Oddity 2000 and captivated the audience. His fabulous ¾ kneeling poses were a sight for sore eyes. He then chose a completely different piece of music and continued on with his classic posing, even throwing in a ”hooter bounce” which the crowd loved. The routine absolutely rocked and the big crowd let him know it. That ‘porn-star moustache is an absolute ripper. Come back any time Rusty.


    Michael walked out like he meant business and certainly looked the goods in his first Pro show. He hit some very nice lunging poses and fired the local crowd up by hitting Most Muscular pose after Most Muscular pose. Michael’s muscles are thick and round and he looked fantastic tonight. He has four kids and a wife and only recently was driving cabs in Greece for a living. Well done Michael, you’ve come a long way mate.


    Thankfully he got his color right for the night show, it was terrible at the Pre-Judging. He looked 100% better for it and came out full of confidence. He was quite popular with the crowd and has a great future if he can pack on some more size.


    Only 23yrs of age, Grant is a beautiful smooth poser. He can only improve with age but today he will obviously struggle. I like his look and shape, he is well balanced and if he can master his condition and continue to grow then he will be one to watch in the future.


    The crowd favourite was on next and big Ivan brought the house down as he entered the stage. Posing to a classic operatic tune that he probably borrowed off his mate Luke Wood, Ivan’s posing was slow and deliberate and he gave his fans plenty to cheer about. He then amped things up with a hip-hop tune and had the crowd clapping along while he posed. He looked great for his Pro debut and certainly doesn’t lack size. Once he refines his physique a bit more he will look even better. Well done Ivan, you did us proud tonight.


    Silvio dedicated his routine to the ladies, which drew laughter from the audience. He got funky for the crowd and showed of his striated glutes and lower back, oozing his way through his routine, hitting some nice kneeling and lunging poses. He looked great tonight and earned his second place.


    Kai is an amazing natural mover; he makes every pose look easy. He brought his unique handstand poses to the show and got his hips thrusting to the delight of the crowd. Kai’s condition was amazing with every pose he showing off his amazing detail. The crowd went ape-shit when he finished and gave him the biggest cheer of the night. He was extremely entertaining and his incredible physique and unique posing routine was the highlight of the night. He was an easy winner.

    TOP 5

    The top five were called out in numerical order: Freeman, Kefalianos, Sadek, Samuel and Green. This is exciting news for us Australians as it means that either Michael Kefalianos or Ivan Sadek will qualify for this year’s Mr Olympia! As the norm for an Aussie Pro show, the competitors went out into the crowd after the posedown and mingled with the fans. We are indeed fortunate to see these guys close-up – thanks fellas. The Melbourne fans are the best in the world and really appreciate the opportunity to get close-up photos of the worlds biggest and best bodies.


    1st – Kai Green
    2nd – Silvio Samuel
    3rd – Toney Freeman
    4th – Michael Kafalianos
    5th – Ivan Sadek
    6th – Oscar Dexter
    7th – Rust Jeffers
    8th – Con Demetriou
    9th – Grant Pieterse

    Congratulations to Kai on his second win in two weeks and a big congratulations to Michael Kafalianos who has now qualified for the Olympia.

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