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    Gänget bakom [ gruppbloggar om Arnold Sports Festival]. Här är ett nypostat inlägg:

    This just in, we got word that Kai Greene is out of the Arnold.

    [ Läs posten i orginalformat här…]


    FLEX Online har följande uppdatering: []

    According to an anonymous IFBB official, Kai Greene has dropped out of the 2009 Arnold Classic. For weeks rumors were circulating that Greene was well behind in his prep for the contest, and eyewitness accounts had him weighing in the high 270s less than two weeks out from the show, roughly 20 pounds heavier than his usual competition weight.

    Robbie Durand på MD säger:

    THIS IS NOT TRUE…I just called Steve Blechman who talked to Kai a few minutes ago and said that Kai has not dropped out!!!

    I also just called kai and he said is ready to rock and roll….Kai will compete tomorrow!


    Spännande att se vad som är sant – marknadsföringsknep för tävlingen lär det ju knappast vara.


    Hoppas han tävlar


    [ Intervju med Kai o Oscar angående ryktet!]


    Shawn Ray säger:

    Guys, who are you gonna believe?
    Another BBing Forum trying to Drive Traffic to their Site without ”Confirming” a Rumor with the Individual in Question or the Staff whom the Individual works with and for?

    Kai said he was competing to the Boss, so why wouldn’t he?
    Finished, let it die with the ”So Call Higher Up Official who remains Namelesss!”


    Senaste ryktet:

    It’s Official: Kai is OUT!!
    Inside sources just revealed to me that Kai is NOT DOING THE ARNOLD. It is 9:50AM EST and one of the competitors has just informed me that he is not doing the show. As rumors emgered, this is THE ABOSOLUTE TRUTH!!! We pray for Kai’s contiued success.

    Ja, vad ska man tro?


    Det är väl bara att vänta och se.


    Tror mest det är elaka rykten…


    Tror också det, svårt att tro han hoppar av nu, men man kan aldrig veta. Nu börjar det snart iaf, så det blir extra spännande:D


    Dave säger:

    KAI is backstage but supposedly they’re keeping an eye on him………….. to ensure that he’s able to pose…… He’s evidently not feeling that great.


    Kollar du på rxmuscle forumet? Såg att de hade en väl uppdaterad tråd där med info.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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