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    Girl Olympia tråd! :)

    Flexonline introduces Olympia tjejer..

    [ Figure O ]

    [ Fitness O]

    [ Ms O]

    [img=][img=][img=]Undrar varför Jen H är inte med i Fitness listan..[/b]

    Anne wrote:
    Girl Olympia tråd! :)

    Flexonline introduces Olympia tjejer..

    [ Figure O ]

    [ Fitness O]

    [ Ms O]

    [img=][img=][img=]Undrar varför Jen H är inte med i Fitness listan..[/b]

    Riktigt imponerande med två damer som är 50+ i Ms O line up!


    Äntligen lite goda news! Zivile is out of O!


    Reigning FIgure International champ Zivile Raudoniene has just informed flexonline that she will not compete in the 2009 Figure Olympia. The 27-year-old, who placed third at the 2008 Olympia, was one of the favorites going into September’s show of shows after nabbing the Figure International title this past March in Columbus, Ohio.

    Rumors have been circulating for the last few weeks that the Lithuanian beauty may be in line to join the ranks of the WWE. Could her decision to skip her sport’s most prestigious event be related? We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we know, right here on flexonline.

    Raudoniene’s absence opens up a number of possible scenarios for a new name to break into the top six, or even the top three at the 2009 Figure Olympia.


    Nu är det officiellt – också Jen Hendershott är out of Fitness O! Synd, jag bara älskar hennes free routines!


    “The fitness industry has been very good to me. It is time for me to give back. I love working with people who aspire to improve themselves. I will focus on my new supplement company PGN, my training program Get Phat Online, Phat Camp, Get Phat Promotions and the many other projects that I am currently working on. “

    Jen has been a competitive fitness athlete for over 12 years. She is the current raining Ms. Olympia and Ms Fitness International.

    “I am not retiring but rather taking some time to work on the many other things that I am passionate about.”

    This leaves the door open for someone to claim the Ms. Fitness Olympia title. Will it be Adela stepping back into the winner’s circle? Is it Tracey Greenwood’s time to shine? How about Julie Palmer? It definitely makes things interesting heading into next month’s event.


    Armbågsskada sätter stopp för Cathy LeFrancois, [ från hennes blogg]:

    So what can I really say. As much as I want to give you all a great update I have nothing good to say. I can not bend my arm past 90 degrees.Is it a pain factor? No it’s not! Its like there is a bone stopping the movement. However my X-rays show there is nothing wrong bone wise. Maybe a tendon or a ligament who knows but here I stand 5 weeks out.

    So I tell you this my fans I am going to WIN the Arnold classic bigger better and stronger and next year I will take Olympia.” what?? I have to tell myself something like that, to give me some comfort ! :) :) :) lol


    FLEXOnline rapporterar att regerande Figure Olympia avstår årets tävlingar: []

    Reigning Figure Olympia champion Jenn Gates has had to withdraw from the competition due to personal reasons she will address at a later date. We look forward to Gates’ return to the competitive stage in the future, including another run at winning the Figure Olympia title.

    Fitness Management Group (FMG) & American Media Inc. (AMI)


    En titt på det tyska fitnessproffset Regiane Da Silva två veckor innan Fitness Olympia:



    Ett par bilder på Regiana..


    Lonnie Teper intervjuade Aliotti, Sonia & Kristi Tauti 2 weeks out..





    Debi 2 weeks out guest posing..



    Ruth Silverman täcker dambodybuilding, fitness och figure åt amerikanska [ Iron Man Magazine]. Följande förutsägelser om damtävlingarna postades häromdagen på [ hennes blogg hos Iron Man Magazine]:

    Figure Olympia—Not So Easy to Figure

    [img=]Photo: Jessica Paxson-Putnam.

    I’m looking at a photo of the top five finishers from the ’08 Figure Olympia, thinking about predicting the winner of the upcoming ’09 competition, which is set for September 25 and 26 in Las Vegas, and it’s like the old insurance commercial where people’s faces keep disappearing from the family photo (or maybe that was Back to the Future). Jenn Gates, ’08 champion, expecting a baby in the spring—out. Zivile Raudonienne, ’08 third-placer and ’09 Figure International winner, reportedly embarking on a career with the WWE—out. Mary Elizabeth Lado, fifth in ’08, focusing on other aspects of her life at present—out. That leaves two-time winner Jenny Lynn, who fell to fourth last year, and ’08 runner-up Gina Aliotti, who’s been close so many times, to fight it out for the crown. It also leaves a huge opportunity for some up-and-coming symmetrical sweetie to snatch it away.

    And that’s what I think is going to happen.

    That’s right, I’m going against the common wisdom that it is Gina’s time. Gina has a wonderful, worthy physique, but—call me crazy—I can’t help thinking that if the ’08 Figure International victor was going to win the Olympia, it would have happened by now.

    [ Läs hela inlägget i orginalformat här…]

    Ms. Olympia—Will Kyle Stay in Style?

    [img=]Photo: Iris Kyle won the ’09 Ms. International with a new, glammed-up look.


    Would You Bet Against Iris Kyle’s earning her fifth Ms. Olympia crown on September 25 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas? Take a look at the accompanying photo and accept that the back view is every bit as precise as the front, and you know you would not. You can sob all you want (and I do) about the need for smaller, symmetrical-style female flexers to flood the pro ranks, but this athlete has got the aesthetics down—plus a whole lotta muscle. A female Flex Wheeler, as we’ve always said, maybe a little more consistent in her conditioning than he was, she is among the very top bodybuilders in the world, period, and the sight of that much muscle perfectly placed and conditioned on a symmetrical X-frame is more than the Olympia panel can resist.* Where gender comes in: Flex lost the Olympia three times to someone who had a wider waist than he did, but that’s not likely to happen to Ms. Iris.

    [ Läs hela inlägget i orginalformat här…]

    Fitness Olympia—“Bring Me the Head of Adela Garcia.”

    [img=]Adela Garcia played the pirate in 2007.

    If the above obscure film reference isn’t what Tracey Greenwood and the rest of the gang are chanting as they head into Las Vegas for the ’09 Fitness Olympia on September 25, it should be. With chica suprema Adela Garcia—who came back from a torn ACL to score a decisive win at the Super Show in August—considered by pretty much everyone to be cinch to earn her fourth Olympia crown, game gals like Greenwood, Julie Palmer and Tanji Johnson will have to be ready with their best shots to keep the panel from thinking it’s a foregone conclusion too.

    That said, I won’t be betting against Adela to harpoon her fourth title. As with the Figure O lineup, some gaps from previous years will affect the outcome. In this case, though, eliminating the steep competition from Jen Hendershott, reigning Olympia and International champ, who’s sitting this one out, and Kim Scheidler, multi-time runner-up, who’s retired from the sport, only makes Garcia’s theoretical win look even more likely.

    [ Läs hela inlägget i orginalformat här…]

    IFBB Pro Trish Warren Interview – Gearing Up For 2009 Olympia!

    [img=]The hot and sexy IFBB Pro Trish Warren answers some questions as she gears up for her 2nd Olympia! Find out how she handles training, family, and yes, work!

    [ Läs hela intervjun hos…]


    Ett par intervjuer på webbplatsen FitGems:

    I got the chance to interview Trish Warren for FitGems. Look for the Black Mamba to make some serious noise in the Fitness Olympia competition as she competes in her second straight Olympia. Last year, she was in the top 10. Where will she end up this year?


    With Jenn Gates out this year, expect the Figure Olympia card to be bigger than ever before. One of those competitors that would like to make a name for herself this year is Meriza DeGuzman. In 2007, in her first Olympia and only her second contest as a pro, she was just happy to be on the biggest stage of them all. Two years later, that’s not the case. She is in it to make a statement. Judging by how 2009 has treated her so far, expect Meriza to do really well this weekend.



    Pete Ciccone interviews IFBB Figure Pro Meriza DeGuzman at the 2009 NPC Tournament of Champions.
    Meriza shares who she looks up to and where she hopes to finish this weekend at the Olympia:


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