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    Detta postades nyss på bloggen []:

    Modellen (över 150 magasineomslag!) och fd fitnessproffset Timea Majorova kommer att vara på plats på Fitnessfestivalen 2007 för att representera festivalens huvudsponsonsor: [ SAN]. Nedan ett litet galleri från Olympiahelgen där Timea var på plats för att möta sina fans. Ännu mer om Timea kan du läsa om på [ hennes hemsida] samt [ hennes myspaceprofil].

    The Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas was busier then ever. I was representing the company SAN. We were a great team. I worked for the company for the first time and it was a lot of fun. I met all the distributors from all around the world. And it was great to meet my fans!

    [ [img=]]
    Förhoppningsvis tar Timea med sig nog med exemplar av sin nyproducerade fitness-DVD, [ Living the American Dream], så att alla som vill köpa ett signerat exemplar får chans till det:

    [ [img=]]Get an inside look at Timea’s life. See how she manages to live a fit life with her very busy schedule. Also, learn why she is a true example of the American Dream.

    Born in Slovakia, she dreamed of a life in the United States and can now say she is living the American Dream, in the sand and surf of beautiful Los Angeles, California. A World Champion and one of the most photographed Fitness Models, Timea boasts 150 magazine covers and is a living testament of success.

    Watch as she takes you though a rigorous workout, stretching, an ”In the Kitchen” segment, and an exclusive home tour. Also, as an added bonus, we go on a behind the scenes photo shoot with world famous photographer, Alex Ardenti.
    Ännu mer om Timea kan du se i [ profilen The Fit Show gjorde i avsnittet Posedown 6].

    [ Dela med dig]

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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