Favoritsamlingen Battle for the Olympia är tillbaks med 2010 års Olympiadeltagare!

The Battle for the Olympia is back!

Efter att Mitsuru Okabe lade ned sin filmproduktion tog paret Bruce/Lee över produktionsbolaget och fortsatte att göra byggarfilmer. 2010 satsade de stort och återuppväckte den storsäljande traditionen med Battle for the Olympia (träningspass och posering med olympiadeltagarna strax intill Olympia). Kommer till BODYs webbshop så fort produktionen är klar!

Mocvideo Productions har haft lite tekniska problem med produktionen, men uppdaterade oss precis på facebook:

Master tapes shipped to our replicator on Monday…once there (barring anything crazy/unexpected) we will have finished DVDs in our hands in about 3 weeks!

Se trailern nedan och en beskrivning på de tio första kapitlen av DVD-innehållet (totalt cirka 25 kapitel):

Chapter 1: Evgeny (Eugene) Mishin

  • Where: Bev Francis Powerhouse, Syosset, New York
  • When: Sept 3, 2010 – 22 Days out
  • Bodyparts Worked: Back, Arms
  • Summary: Filmed at 10am on Friday morning, September 3rd at Bev Francis’ Powerhouse gym in Syosset, New York. A massive 290 pounds and ripped, Eugene did back and some light arms. Lots of commentary and some posing at the end with a photo gallery. Thick russian accent, but understandable. Eugene’s first Battle for the Olympia, and first Mr Olympia appearance.

Chapter 2: Craig Richardson

  • Where: Bodyworx Hardcore Inc, Patterson, New Jersey
  • When: Sept 3, 2010 – 22 Days out
  • Bodyparts Worked: Arms
  • Summary: We drove out to Patterson, New Jersey later in the day after filming Eugene. Traffic SUCKED! Craig trains at a small gym that blends in with the buildings, you wouldnt know it is there unless you saw huge guys walking out of the plain door on the side of the building. We filmed at 5 pm, Friday night. Craig, and his workout partner Harley, were very accomodating and provided a lot of great material. Harley did a lot of the talking (a lawyer by trade) and rambled a few times in Portuguese. I later found out from Craig that he was talking in Portuguese to communicate to a special someone in Brazil that was to see the video, so most of it is removed from the final product. Craig did arms, and some great posing at the end.

Chapter 3: Kai Greene

  • Where: Bev Francis Powerhouse, Syosset, New York
  • When: Sept 5, 2010 – 20 Days out
  • Bodyparts Worked: Back
  • Summary: We devoted an entire day to filming Kai, which was Sunday at 5pm at Bev’s gym again. Kai and Oscar were a bit late, traffic was bad. Kai lives across New York and doesn’t usually travel over to Long Island unless its a photo shoot or filming. This segment will be one of the GEMS of the entire BFO. Kai was as serious as a heart attack during his workout. Nothing was said, just raw grit and focus. Oscar repeatedely assured Kai of his reasoning for being there. Low volume whispers in Kai’s ears stirred the giant for his sets, which he seemed to explode with power each time, only to collapse in exhaustion afterwards. His massive 300lb took it’s toll on him and he looked destroyed. After the workout we did posing in the back section of the gym, where the MMA area is. Kai was a totally different person and opened up about his excitement for being in his first Battle for the Olympia dvd. Awesome posing and interview at the end of his segment.

Chapter 4: Erik Fankhouser

  • Where: The Body Shop, Yorkville, Ohio
  • When: Sept 6, 2010 – 19 Days out
  • Bodyparts Worked: Arms and Abs
  • Summary: After wrapping up in New York, we headed out west to Yorkvill OH, which is just over the border from where Erik lives, which is Wheeler, West Virginia. Erik trains at a small gym in a small town, very small. Literally just a few streets wide. Erik blasted Biceps and Triceps for us, injecting some humor along the way. His trainer and the gym owner were there also, providing some ambient humor also. Erik was amazingly energetic and witty, and this segment will be a great one for people to see who Erik Fankhouser really is. He is the youngest competitor in this years Olympia, just 30 years old. Erik is a family man, much like Dugdale, with two kids, a wife and a full time job. Erik posed for us afterwards and we snapped a bunch of pictures. Unfortunately the camera got turned off during his posing, but whe did a nice Ken Burns’ effect for his photo shoot at the end of his segment.

Chapter 5: Bill Wilmore

  • Where: Olympia Gym, Aventura, Florida
  • When: Sept 8, 2010 – 17 Days out
  • Bodyparts Worked: Back
  • Summary: We traveled down to the southern tip of Florida to the Olympia Gym, one of Florida’s oldest and best gyms, serving the public since 1978. Bill is a trainer at this gym, and they treat him like he’s family. The owners, Pete and Delia were full of energy and awesome people. Delia looks amazing at 60+! Bill blasted out back for us with his workout partner, and provided a great interview at the end, along with posing. A gentle giant, Bill talkes about his age, sponsorship and how he did this year with no financial backing and the struggles it takes to do it. Insightful.

Chapter 6: Victor Martinez

  • Where: Joe McNeil, Tampa, Florida
  • When: Sept 9, 2010
  • Bodyparts Worked: Triceps, Calves
  • Summary: After filming Bill Wilmore in South Florida we traveled through the Everglades during nighttime, where massive deluges of rain dropped on us making it impossible to see more than 10 feet in front of you. We filmed Victor at Joe McNeil’s gym, located at his residence. Victor traveled and stayed in Florida for weeks preparing for the Mr Olympia, and was able to focus 100% while he was down there. We blasted Triceps and Calves and Vic did a great posing session afterwards.

Chapter 7: Branch Warren/Johnnie Jackson

  • Where: Metroflex, Arlington, Texas
  • When: Sept 9, 2010
  • Bodyparts Worked: Shoulders
  • Summary: We hopped a flight after filming Victor, and landed in Texas Thursday night. Friday morning at 10am was Shoulders with Branch and Johnnie. Johnnie arrived first, sat down and waited, Branch arrived and headed straight to the dumbbells, no acknowledgment of anybody – just workout. Johnnie picked up and headed out also. They hit shoulders hard and heavy, lots of heavy weight. Unfortunately Branch wouldn’t do posing or any interview, so there is no dialogue or voice over by him or Johnnie. Brian Dobson was very gracious and did an interview for them. The workout was maybe 25-30 minutes and then they left. We did the best with what little footage we got.

Chapter 8: Hidetada Yamagishi

  • Where: Golds Gym, Venice, California
  • When: Sept 16, 2010
  • Bodyparts Worked: Chest, Calves
  • Summary: At Golds Gym, the Mecca Of Bodybuilding, we ran into a bunch of old friends and lots of muscle. Will ”World” Harris kept us company as we waited for Hide outside, always with lots to say. Hide arrived with his workout partner Eric (also Jay’s partner) and we hit chest and calves. He did a grueling chest workout and then blasted out some calves. Several pro’s were around at the time, and Big Dave ”Caveman” Kalick appeared while Hide was posing for the camera at the end. Dave was Stan McQuay’s workout partner in our film ”Rising Sun”.

Chapter 9: Troy Alves

  • Where: Fitness One, Peoria, Arizona
  • When: Sept 17, 2010
  • Bodyparts Worked: Shoulders
  • Summary: We drove over to Arizona after Hidetada, and filmed Troy and Marcus Haley in Fitness One in Peoria, Arizona. We filmed Troy here a couple years back, and the same people were there, a friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere. Troy and his current workout partner hit shoulders for us, and did some posing for the camera at the end.

Chapter 10: Marcus Haley

  • Where: Fitness One, Peoria, Arizona
  • When: Sept 17, 2010
  • Bodyparts Worked: Arms
  • Summary: After filming Troy Alves, we got a bite to eat and a few hours later Marcus ”The Comet” Haley rode up in a black Harley ready to do some damage. Some people may be intimidated by Marcus’ straight forward and confident approach, but he was very courteous and respectful to us and gave us some insight to some of the struggles he has had to deal with over the last few years. With some serious injuries he obtained, he talks of his dedication and refusal to give up that helped him overcome them.


Chapter 11: Dennis Wolf : Shoulders


Chapter 12: Roelly Winklaar : Shoulders

Chapter 13: Jay Cutler : Legs

Chapter 14: Toney Freeman : Arms

Chapter 15: Ronny Rockel : Back and Shoulders

Chapter 16: Worlds Strongest Bodybuilder

Chapter 17: Press Conference

Chapter 18: Meet The Olympians

Chapter 19: Backstage Pump Room