Byggarmöbler – både bokstavligt och bildligt

Krallig fåtölj…

Den nederländske designern Rutger de Regt inspirerades av kroppsbyggare när han skapade ”Happy Misfits”, en serie möbler med svällande former. Detta, hans avslutande projekt i utbildningen vid Royal Academy of Art i Haag, blev prisnominerat av juryn.

Rutger beskriver konceptet i sin portfolio:

This process based concept (Manipulating the Skin) was inspired by bodybuilding. People who manipulate their body, in search for symmetry mass and definition. This inspired me to set up a design process that would give me the ultimate freedom to manipulate and sculpt an object.

To reach this a balloon is used as a flexible mold for Styrofoam pearls. By imposing restrictions, the mold is forced onto an existing object. Shapes emerge by these same restrictions which are then sculpted till a new design comes into being.