BangFit får dig motiverad att träna

En onlineportal för erotiska videos har lanserat sexercise som träningsmetod. Bara att införskaffa höftbältet, fästa mobilen och börja räkna kalorier. För en till tre spelare…

Läs mer på – när du är redo besöker du på din mobil och följer instruktionerna.

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NEW YORK, N.Y. (May 18, 2016) – Pornhub, the premier online destination for adult entertainment, today announced the launch of BangFit, a gamified fitness program that allows users to tone, build and strengthen muscles through sexercise.

Available for one, two and three players, BangFit displays – on laptop, desktop and tablets – a sex-based workout regimen which invites users to move along with the action in a selection of adult videos, along with the help of specially designed avatars programmed to keep the players’ pace. These can consist of basic positions as well as more acrobatic and athletic positions, like ”Squat and Thrust” and ”Missionary Press.” Using a synched smartphone, which players affix to their hips and which utilizes accelerometer and gyroscope technology, the game tracks the number of repetitions successfully completed, and scores and counts the calories burned.

”Today, due to our hectic work schedules and lack of motivation, many of us do not receive regular amounts of physical activity and lead sedentary lifestyles,” said Corey Price, VP Pornhub. ”Here at Pornhub, we know from experience that there’s one activity people are always motivated to do and one for which they are never too busy. That’s getting busy. That’s why we came up with BangFit, which gamifies sex and encourages users to pump while they hump. Think of it as the Wii Fit for sex. Now users can shred in bed and enjoy some stimulating sexercise.”

The better users coordinate their movements, the more points they will earn and the more calories they will burn. When the sexercise comes to an end, users will receive their final results and be awarded a performance based ranking. Users can opt to share their accolade, some of which include ”You’re a Booty Builder,” ”You’re Fit as Fuck” and ”You’re the Gymnastiest,”via social media.

To affix smartphones to your hips, Pornhub has created an official adjustable band, which can be ordered on A limited number of bands will be available for sale on the site on a first-come-first-serve basis, although the band is not required to play. Players can use other bands or means to attach their phones to themselves and enjoy the same experience.