Hur man tränar utan armar

17-årige Xavier Sanchez låter inte sitt handikapp hindra honom från att styrketräna. Han har i ett par uppskattade videos visat hur han tränar överkroppen utan armar.

I en reddit-AMA svarade Xavier på frågor om varför han började styrketräna med ett så stort handikapp:

Long term goals…? I really want to bulk up/gain some muscle. I want to be lean. (Examples: Steve Cook ,Jeff Sied Lazar Angelov ) Hopefully sometime in the future I will compete in bodybuilding compititions but untill then I am just going to continue training.

The thing that made me start working out was to be able to earn more self worth (for myself), I felt like I would have something great to be proud about. (out of the ordinary to be proud about/something that would make me stand out).

After sharing pictures with friends and family I saw how amazed and how they always wanted to show people because they were so proud of me and realized I can’t stop, I can’t give up I have too many people who look up to me and to give up is an excuse for them to give up on anything they want to pursue.