Radio: Lyssna till Pro Bodybuilding Weekly

Värdarna Dan Solomon och Bob Cicherillo får denna vecka besök av ett par gäster. Mark Dugdale har tävlat som proffs sedan 2005, men gör nedtrimmad sin första under 202 lbs-tävling till helgen (mot bl a Ahmad Ahmad!): Pittsburgh Pro 202. FLEX Magazines chefredaktör Allan Donnelly berättar om tidningens årliga baddräktsutgåva plus det senaste muskelskvallret.

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Du kan lyssna live på programmet 02:00 natten mellan måndag och tisdag svensk tid genom att besöka Eller i efterhand ladda hem som MP3-fil på denna arkivsida. Du kan även prenumerera på radioshowen som nedladdningsbar podcast via iTunes här.

Nedan trailers för Mark Dugdales tre egna DVDs: Beyond Driven (2008), A Week in the Dungeon (2007), och Driven (2006):
For IFBB pro bodybuilder Mark Dugdale, ascending to the highest level of professional bodybuilding demanded a delicate twelve year balance of family life and the drive for a flawless physique. Join Mark in his quest to qualify for the Super Bowl of bodybuilding, The Mr. Olympia contest, where not only is the level of competition higher but so is the price for perfection. It’s a journey of iron, sweat and sacrafice – family, faith and friends that’s beyond bodybuilding. It’s BEYOND DRIVEN.

In 1992 Dorian Yates began his dominance of professional bodybuilding by winning his first of six Olympia titles. That same year, Mark Dugdale joined the iron game setting his sites on a local teen amateur bodybuilding competition. Fast-forwarding to 2007… Dorian enters his tenth year of retirement while Mark prepares for his first appearance on the Olympia stage. Kiss the Dugdale girls good-bye and board the British Airways flight to London-Heathrow International Airport with IFBB Pro Mark Dugdale and Wife Christina as they begin their pilgrimage to Bermingham, England, home of the famed Temple Gym. Cross an ocean, battle food poisoning, and drive on the opposite side of the road, all to ultimately descend int The Dungeon to experience the torture of blood and guts training inflicted by The Shadow, Mr. Olympia, Dorian Yates.

In the spirit of reality TV, DRIVEN is a modern day documentary that takes you on an intimate journey of professional bodybuilder Mark Dugdale’s life. Witness Mark’s nutrition and training program as he prepares for the 2006 Iron Man Pro, including a rare inside view of Mark’s family life and business. From intense dedication and focus in the gym, to the heart-warming quiet moments with his children. Observe what it takes to be a successful professional bodybuilder, family man and business owner!