Pauline släpper film i USA


Filmen lanseras på, där den redan rönt en hel del uppmärksamhet bland medarbetarna enligt rapporter.

Så här skriver Repetrope på sin hemsida:

Get Pumped with Pauline!
Swedish bodybuilder and fitness model Pauline Nordin takes you through her workout and contest prep as she prepares for the Swedish National Bodybuilding Championships. A perfect example of feminine muscularity, Pauline is graced with both youthful beauty and what some have called the perfect female bodybuilder’s physique. You’ll see Pauline in the gym blasting each bodypart, backstage pumping up and practicing posing at the Swedish Nationals, posing beachside, in the studio and in video from behind the scenes at a photo shoot. Pauline also shares her secrets for diet, cardio conditioning and posing choreography. In Pauline’s own words: ”Bodybuilding is my passion…When I work out, my ambition is to push my body harder and harder every time to see how much it can take…I love when my muscles try to please my mind and go far beyond their capacity.” This video is professionally produced in Sweden by director Pavel Ythjall Presented in English and Swedish with English subtitles. Pauline and Pavel have selected Repetrope as the distributor for this exclusive glimpse into Pauline’s world. Available on DVD only.