Ännu en proffstävling inställd: Show of Strength

Idag kom bekräftelsen på att GNC Show of Strength 2005 är inställd. Tävlingshelgen skulle ha arrangerats för det fjärde året den 7-9 oktober i Atlanta, Georgia.

Tidigare har BODY skrivit om att British Grand Prix 2005 blivit inställt.

Hela pressmeddelandet:

MAY 27, 2005

The 2005 Show of Strength, scheduled to take place October 7-9 in Atlanta, Georgia, has been cancelled, organizers announced today. This would have been the fourth-annual Show of Strength.

With an IFBB bodybuilding contest serving as the centerpiece of the weekend-long event, the Show of Strength featured strongman, powerlifting and other competitions, along with an expo that offered fitness-related products and services. The SOS made a dramatic splash in 2002, when reigning Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman was defeated in a stunning upset by Gunter Schlierkamp.

For three years Basic Media Group (BMG), owners of the Show of Strength, has attempted to establish a high-quality contest and expo to expand opportunities for athletes and other fitness professionals. Unfortunately, this year’s last-minute scheduling of the Olympia Weekend for October 13-16, only days after the Show of Strength, created insurmountable logistical obstacles for sponsors, exhibitors, athletes and devoted fans. BMG feels that the entire industry is better served by freeing up the congested schedule to accommodate the interests of all concerned.

In its three years, the Show of Strength quickly earned a strong reputation for putting athletes and fans first. Overall, the SOS awarded a total of almost $900,000 in prize money, all of which was paid to IFBB competitors onstage at the contest — the only IFBB show to pay purses onstage. Initial prize winnings offered by the SOS were comparable to the two established mainstays of the sport, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic and Joe Weider’s Mr. Olympia contest. With the Show of Strength, BMG had hoped to match the high standards of the Arnold Classic and become the third jewel in pro bodybuilding’s triple crown.

Under the direction of promoter Tammy Simpson, the SOS became a favorite among athletes for the professionalism and courtesy displayed by Simpson’s management team. BMG would like to thank all the athletes, exhibitors, sponsors and fans who supported the SOS over the years. While the Show of Strength is on indefinite hiatus, BMG will continue seeking opportunities in the health-and-fitness industry.

For more information on BMG or the cancellation of the Show of Strength, please contact Tammy Simpson at 760-631-3093 or Physical editor Jim Schmaltz at 310-445-7505.