Ännu en comeback: Milos Sarcev

Bild: Alex Ardenti. 4/1997: Milos och Monica

Milos Sarcev, en av de som prytt flest BODY Magazine-omslag, skrev i onsdags på sitt forum: ”I do want to say that I officially started training for my comeback. I trained every day (except sunday) while I was in Australia and I just arrived in my gym. In couple of hours I will do my leg training – before I go home to rest.” Det gamla gardet lever än!

Milos säger sig ha inspirerats stort av Francis Benfattos och Vince Taylors comeback vid Australian Pro. 21 mars postade Milos följande: ”I agree with Luke’s report and just want to add that Vince and Francis are phenomenons and truly inspirational athletes. I would claim that both were at their all time best…and considering their great competitive past – this is very bold statement.

If conditioning was judged alone – Francis would have won hands down with Vince taking second…

Both Vince and Francis inspired me so much that I just might follow their footsteps…MAYBE…”