Junior-EM Tyngdlyftning avgjordes i helgen

Junior-EM Tyngdlyftning avgjordes i helgen i Palermo, Italien. Sverige ställde upp med två lyftare, Matilda Samuelsson, 17 år från Jönköpings AK, och Ragnar Öhman, 18 år från Trelleborgs ABK. Matilda gjorde totalt 145 kg i damernas klass -58 och kom på 12:e plats. Ragnar gjorde totalt 310 kg i herrarnas -105 kg och kom på 8:e plats.

Tyngdlyftning.com: Starka insatser på Junior-EM
”Sveriges två deltagare på Junior-EM i Palermo, Matilda Samuelsson och Ragnar Öhman, svarade båda för mycket fina insatser under tävlingarna.”

Eleiko Worldwide Weightlifting News rapporterar tillsammans med International Weightlifting Agency Berlin (IWA) om Junior-EM Tyngdlyftning:

Rapport 1: Genny Pagliaro fulfilled her fellow countrymen’s wishes
”JOHAN ERLING of ELEIKO speaks about the opening of the Junior European Championships in Palermo in enthusiastic terms: ”Fascinating Italian flair, O sole mio… It was a great experience! Then the Russian Pavel Sukhanov’s junior European record at the start and of course the loudly cheered and expected victory by Genny Pagliaro! The atmosphere was indescribable.””

Rapport 2: The young ladies also in the mood for records in Palermo
”On the second day of competitions at the Junior European Championships the young ladies were on the hunt for records. In the 53 kg category decision, the winner Irina Sibetova from Russia with 78 kg in the snatch, 95 kg and 102 kg in clean & jerk as well as 173 kg and 180 kg overall managed to set five new European Youth records. She won ahead of Yuliya Derkach (UKR) and Tehmina Karapetyan (ARM). Sarah Blasnik from Germany also contributed as fourth overall with 94 kg in clean & jerk with a European Youth record.”

Rapport 3: Schwarzbach and Przybylek stronger than Oliver Caruso
”The decisions in the weight categories female junior 63 kg as well as 77 kg and 85 kg male juniors in the weightlifting hall in Hotel Zagarella, Palermo almost brought three Russian double victories. This ”almost” stopped Melina Daluzyan from Armenia who won in the 69 kg class with a two kilo lead ahead of Natalia Kopylova from Petersburg. But in the men’s field, the Russian double coups were successful: the runner-up in 2005, Alexei Yufkin from Moscow, won the Junior European Champion’s title in the 77 kg category ahead of Vladimir Ushakov from Nishni Novgorod.”

Rapport 4: Mandy Wedow in Ronny Weller’s tracks
”What does Ronny Weller 1987 have to do with Mandy Wedow 2006? They were both Junior European Champions in these years. Both were based in the same place where sport is concerned. Weller in Marxwalde. Wedow in Neuhardenberg. That is at the same time a slice of history. Neuhardenberg had its name changed to Marxwalde in DDR times. Apart from that, both were born in Vogtland – him 1969 in Oelsnitz, her 1987 in Greiz.”