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We all know how much it costs to compete and almost every competitor wants to find a way to reduce or completely cover those costs. There are also many competitors that would fullfill a dream if they could turn their passion for fitness into a career yet very few are ever successful at it. It’s usually not drive, desire, or ability that stands in the way, its more often than not just not knowing what to do and how to do it.

On Fitness and Figure Talk Radio we are producing a series of shows featuring the women who made it happen so you can hear from their mouths what they did, how they did it, the problems and how they overcame to be where so many want to be.

Tune in this week to Fitness and Figure Talk Radio for our guests IFBB Fitness and Figure Icon Carla Sanchez as she talks about how she built the Performance Ready Team into a one-of-a-kind business model that goes far beyond just training people. Carla has owned the PR team for a number of years and it has evolved from her training a few people to a highly organized company with staff and numerous business relationships in the fitness industry that add benefit to her team members and the companies they partner with.

Our other featured guest is NPC National Level Figure competitor Ana Tigre who moved from Brazil to the USA, went to fashion design school, became a citizen, and along with her sister Lulu developed a premium line of women’s fitness wear. The company is only a year old so the challenges and pitfalls are different for her than an established business.Läs fler nyheter om Figure och Fitness hos Du kan även prenumerera på radioshowen som nedladdningsbar podcast via iTunes här.