Dokumentär om Arnolds tidiga år

Sportkabelnätverket ESPN har gjort succé med sina dokumentärfilmer från de bästa regissörerna. Nu gör de en nystart på samma spår, fast med korta dokumentärer. Först ut är ”Arnold’s Blueprint” där Arnolds militärtjänst i Österrike står i fokus som en språngbräda för hans tidiga muskelkarriär.

30 for 30 Shorts: Arnold’s Blueprint

Arnold’s Blueprint focuses on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s teenage years in the Austrian Army and is directed by Michael and Jeff Zimbalist, who previously directed the highly-acclaimed 30 for 30 film ”The Two Escobars.” This 10-minute film focuses on the years before he was the ”Universe’s Perfect Specimen,” when a young Schwarzenegger seized upon an opportunity to use the sport of bodybuilding to catapult himself to international stardom.

The short documentary will show how the young Austrian farm boy’s mandatory military service played a critical role in his journey to international fame.

Den framstående filmtidningen Empire Magazine har fått en exklusiv intervju med Arnold, och dedikerar stora delar av sin novemberutgåva om honom (bara intervjun sträcker sig över 16 sidor – totalt ägnas 34 sidor av utgåvan till Arnold!):

The November issue of Empire is here, and our cover story this month is the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to the movies. The Austrian Oak, free of the demands of governing California, is back to breaking heads and taking names in The Last Stand, and in our exclusive in-depth interview and brand new photo shoot he tells us all about it.

Arnie also talked Predator, Commando, Terminator and much more besides, as well as talking about the films that might have been. This is a seriously comprehensive piece.

Utgåvan kommer framöver till utvalda tidningsbutiker i Sverige, men även till Empire Magazines iPad-app

Det exklusiva omslag på tidningen som endast prenumeranter får!

Förutom intervjun fokuserar andra avdelningar i utgåvan på Arnold:

Working With Arnie
Where did Arnie get those one-liners? What were his most-used weapons? What does he have coming up now he’s back? And what do other action stars really think of the Austrian Oak? Find it all out this month.

Exploring Predator
One of the greatest action movies of the ’80s, we dissect the Predator step-by-step to explain what happened, where, to whom and why. Warning: may contain a mini-gun pointlessly firing into a jungle, homoerotic undertones.

Survining Commondo
The most OTT Arnie movie ever and a firm fan favourite, we go minute-by-minute through Commando to chart its excesses in full. And if you’re the original Bennett, please get in touch.

Arnie Killed Me
How does it feel to be killed by Arnold Schwarzenegger onscreen? We asked the people who know: the brave heroes, villains and goons who were summarily dispatched by Arnie in his screen career. Essential reading just for the Miriam Margoyles quotes.

Det Arnold-omslag på Empire Magazine som kommer ut i butik…

Ytterligare ett filmprojekt som är på gång med Arnold är regissören David Ayers ”Breacher”:

For those not in the know, Breacher (formerly Ten), is an ensemble piece starring Sam Worthington, Terrence Howard, Olivia Williams and Arnold Schwarzenegger, with Arnie playing the head of a corrupt DEA task force whose members are gradually falling to foul play.

”Breacher, especially, will be very like a new Predator,” Arnold adds. ”It’s a team around me and they get knocked off until there’s only me left. Except in this case there will be a different twist to the whole thing instead of some alien monster.”

Lyssna till senaste utgåvan av The Empire Podcast från filmfantasterna för att få veta lite mer om filmen ”Breacher” från Olivia Williams. Intervjun med Olivia startar 16 minuter 9 sekunder in, vid 28 minuter diskuteras Arnold: