Kickstarterprojekt – dokumentär om blind kroppsbyggare

I maj startade en kampanj på Kickstarter för att egenfinansiera redigeringen en dokumentärfilm om Pat Leahy, en blind kroppsbyggare. Med 35 timmar kvar har projektet ursprungliga mål finansierats, men låt inte det hindra dig från att ge ditt fortsatta stöd.

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Nothing can stop 39-year-old DC resident Pat Leahy from returning to the bodybuilding stage. Not age, not injury — not even blindness.

Help us fund this Kickstarter campaign for the completion of the ”Blind Lifter” documentary! With your help, we will raise $10,000 over 42 days, with a stretch target of $15,000. We have most of the footage filmed, we have an awesome editing house onboard for production, and we want your support for finishing up and promoting this one-of-a kind documentary.

We would love to have you join our team in the final stretch as we prepare to share this inspirational film with kids with disabilities, their families, teachers, coaches, school administrators, and others.