Tre VM-medaljer till Sverige!

Team Sweden åkte till Junior- och Veteran-VM i El Salvador med tre toppade deltagare. Alla tre åker hem med ädla medaljer! Guld till CBB-veteranen Johnny Grape, silver till BB-veteranen Farhang Rahimly, guld till CBB-junioren Simon Bergfors Vokoun.

IFBB:s pressansvarige Andrew Michalak om första dagens tävlande:

Master Men’s Classic Bodybuilding over 50 years
Mieczyslaw Nowacki (Poland) won his third-in-a-row silver medal. Johnny Grape (Sweden) returned after ten-year break and was unquestionable leader, winning both rounds with perfect scores. Gabriel Candiani (Mexico) in the 3rd position, leaving behind Jean-Marc SCHUTTRUMPF (Czech Republic), who moved one place up compared to his last year’s achievement.

Master Men’s Bodybuilding 60-65 years, open
In the absence of last year’s world champion Alexander Yashankin (Russia), next two medal winners used up their chance and advanced one place up: gold medal went to Werner Zenk (Germany), the silver one to Farhang Rahimly (Sweden). South American champion Victor Charcopa (Ecuador) in the 3rd position, then Sergio Porras of Guatemala.


CBB Veteraner +50 år: 2. Mieczyslaw Nowacki, 2. Johnny Grape och 3. Gabriel Candiani. Foto: Igor Kopcek

BB Veteraner 60–65 år: 2. Farhang Rahimly, 1. Werner Zenk och 3. Victor Charcopa. Foto: Igor Kopcek

CBB Juniorer: 2. Erik Halaska, 1. Simon Voukon Bergfors och 3. Pavel Koukal. Foto: Igor Kopcek.