Lyssna till Fitness and Figure Talk Radio

Showen behandlar alla aspekter av fitnessindustrin, denna gång hör vi om ett par inspirerande återkomster efter tragedier:

This week on Fitness, Figure, and Bikini Talk Radio Elaine Goodlad is joined by guest co-host Ana Tigre for a special episode featuring two very inspirational women. Elaine has always felt that so often women are judged by their looks alone, especially in an industry that is entirely focussed on outward appearance, ”so many times women that are a little out of shape will be stereotyped, especially in this sport and our industry. As a group often times we are very intolerant of people that don’t look to be in shape all the time. Tracy and Lisa are examples of why we should never judge anyone by their appearance alone. When you look at someone you never know what their story may be. These are two incredible stories that have changed my life and inspired me.”

Be prepared when you listen to this show that you may find it a very emotional experience.

Both of our guests this week suffered extreme tragedies and in the process became very heavy women. In living the fitness lifestyle they have learned to re-focus on themselves, they have regained their self esteem, and in doing so they have found the strength to live again.Läs fler nyheter om Figure och Fitness hos Du kan även prenumerera på radioshowen som nedladdningsbar podcast via iTunes här.