Vintern 2006 kommer dokumentär om styrkelyft

Produktionsbolaget Higher Perspectives gör nu en dokumentär om sporten styrkelyft. Filmen med titeln Power Unlimited är under produktion och är planerad att visas på utvalda biografer under vintern 2006. För att se en kort teasertrailer och läsa mer om filmen gå till

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”The sport of powerlifting has long been the premier strength sport that has gone largely unnoticed by the general health conscious public. Gyms spend thousands of dollars on state of the art equipment, yet finding a gym with a power platform and jack-racks is a near impossibility. Powerlifters are not the scary ogres in that dark corner of the gym spreading chalk all over the precious Gym floor. We are the purest strength athletes in the world.

Training for any sport starts and ends with powerlifting and finally someone has stood up and taken notice. The Roseville, California based production company Higher Perspectives is producing a documentary about Powerlifting called Power Unlimited. This film is in mid. production and is scheduled for a limited theater release in the winter of 2006. Higher Perspectives’ mission is to show the world the accessibility and importance powerlifting has to all the gym-going, fitness conscious public. To see a short ”teaser” trailer and learn more about the film visit”